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Inside each little red Scrummy pouch you will find hours of big fun for everyone. Scrummy is quick and easy to learn, uniquely inclusive, and excitingly engaging, especially when you play by the rules. Look inside here for more insights, ideas and extended rules for advanced Scrummy players.

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Kid's Scrummy Space

Scrummy provides hours of fun to kids as young as 7 years old. They can hone their skills with other kids in their age group, then later they can "bring their A game" and be able to compete at the adult's table. Scrummy rules create a relaxed atmosphere and present opportunity for an even playing field, where age is less of an advantage to actually winning this game, than the attitude you bring to the table.

Let's All Play

Scrummy is for people of all ages. In fact you could say it's "one size fits all" with this game. Our oldest player so far, 102 years old. Scrummy uniquely fits with nearly any situation and can be played with people of all different age groups at the same time.

Adult S'Corner

This Scrummy corner (S'Corner) was created as a reminder to those familiar with all that Scrummy brings to any table. Remember to make time for fun gatherings with adult friends and family, because that's what you'll need, time. The best way to experience the joy of Scrummy is to have the time,,,,,, to take your time. There will be so much to laugh and talk about, you'll be glad you did.

Caution: big fun inside

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Even though I don't often win, there are no losers in this game.

Roger from Colorado

Scrummy is the "chess game" of words.

Gary from Arkansas

This is "the unicorn of games"

Michael from Arizona

This is an excellent game! I really enjoyed being with my coworkers and having a great time. We helped each other to think critically as well as problem solve. We worked cooperatively while learning new words and definitions....................

Tammy L., Tennessee teacher

Never take an opinion on this game from someone who has not played.

Kimberly from Colorado

I avoided trying it because I thought it would be boring to me like other word games. Scrummy is actually exciting!

Arthur from Pennsylvania

I wouldn't have tried this on my own, but this was actually fun for me.

Brandon 16 years old

Kids outside the country playing Scrummy in Spanish

Adults enjoying Scrummy in English

ESL learners of various ages using Scrummy to laugh and learn English

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