Seniors Scrummy Too

Scrummy for Seniors, those we call "Gold Status members", is an amazing engagement activity designed specifically for active living senior communities.  If yours is one of the first few communities fortunate to have been offered this early opportunity, you will be glad you took time to experience the Scrummy activity. Be amongst the first to enjoy such an offer of what will soon be the most talked about gathering activity in our nation. 

The Scrummy activity creates a relaxed, infectiously fun atmosphere that gets people talking and laughing with one another.  We find that once people play Scrummy, either they love it for themselves, Or, they say they know someone who will absolutely love it, Or they want a game for themselves and someone else.  So call or write us to find out for yourself, why people win, Win, WIN with Scrummy.

Call 720-593-1508 or send us a message from the "Your Story" button here on our website.  


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