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Benefits, benefits, benefits...............

The Scrummy literacy program has become a favorite tool to teachers everywhere. Educators across the nation have experienced for themselves the benefits of Scrummy, and have seen firsthand, the excitement in their students when they are actually participating in the activity.  Just as important, our students eagerly engage each time it is offered to them, proving both the viability and sustainability of the program.  

Scrummy Literacy program students are learning an average of 2 to 3 words per session.  Simultaneously, our students are developing several invaluable social skills as well.  Interdisciplinary skills, strategic thinking, critical thinking are just a few of the benefits our teachers have noted when listing Scrummy benefits.

The Institute will serve many purposes as it serves its community.  We will continue to train the facilitators to assist with continued implementation of the program.  We will prepare them for the in-person instruction that works as ancillary support to educators of all types of students.  

Go to our "Teacher's Lounge" for creative ideas to enhancing your students learning environment with the Scrummy Literacy program.