Our Story

The creator of the game of Scrummy, originally developed this game to play with her friends and family.  She then shared Scrummy with people of different age groups, from several different lifestyles and backgrounds.  She quickly realized Scrummy is cross-generational and cross-cultural.  All the positive feedback was motivation to produce the game to be shared with everyone. 


The name of the company is The Scrummy Institute.  It became "the Institute" when we realized that frankly, when you sit down to play Scrummy, you get "schooled".  You are either teaching or learning something new during each session.  We encourage folks to honestly share when they've learned a new word or definition.  Always challenge when you're not sure of a word.  If you're not sure of a word, and do not want to risk the 3-card penalty that players receive for a failed challenges, take the time to be sure that the score keeper records that word at the bottom of the score sheet (Words to look up later section).  You never know who else at the table does or does not know the word's spelling or definition.  Recording words for later lookup, is just one of the ways to add to the fulfilling conversations that do happen during this game, as the learning seamlessly continues.    


Although Scrummy was created for pure fun, Its educational value is limitlessly  unmistakable.  Here's where we begin to "build" the Scrummy Institute.  Even before our physical space is open, our Scrummy Literacy program is developing in real time.  Teachers across the country have experienced our literacy program in both day school and afterschool programs.  Educators agree that there are many obvious benefits, yet tout just as much, the ancillary support they receive, when their students participate in our literacy programs. 


Stay tuned and watch us grow.  Better still, get involved and help us grow even faster.  You will be glad you did, Everyone wins with Scrummy!